Red Chili Dryer Machine Ensure the Quality of Red Chili

Red chili dryer machine, drying with low temperature, ensure the quality of red chili. 
red chili dryer machine
Red chili dryer machine heat source using heat exchange furnace,outlet temperature up to 130-150℃. In order to make food, medicinal herbs, fruits, vegetables and other material to keep good shape, color and internal organization is not damaged, improve the quality of production, control the drying temperature 60℃-90℃.  
Red chili dryer machine can effectively ensure the nutritional indicators of dried chili, maintain the full chili shape, bright color, inherent capsicin. the use of chain drive automatic distributing device, greatly reducing labor intensity, effectively shorten the drying cycle, reduce the processing costs of chili. 
Guoxin red chili dryer machine price is much lower than the normal level of drying equipment industry, because of our large production output, mass materials purchasing and mould production. If you want to get a best red chili belt dryer machine with most favorable price, pls view our website or contact us directly.
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