Multiple functions Cassava Peeling Machine

Cassava peeling machine is applicable for fruits and vegetables of different shapes, with peel thickness adjustment. The peeling rate is up to 96%.
Multiple functions offered by cassava peeling machine are peeling, pit removing and anti-oxidation. It’s greatly cost saving.

Cassava peeling machine
Features of cassava peeling machine:
By applying PLC system, the fruit and vegetable peeling machine automatically test the shapes and sizes of the material, leading to wonderful peeling effect.
High production efficiency and labor saving has been achieved by this peeing equipment, which handles 1,200 fruits per hour, equaling the capacity of 17 skilled workers.
Guoxin cassava peeling machine has been certified by CE. 
Guoxin cassava peeling machine price is much lower than the normal level of cassava peeling machine industry, because of our large production output, mass materials purchasing and mould production. If you want to get a best cassava peeling machine with most favorable price, pls contact us directly.
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