High Efficiency Cassava Peeling Machine Price

Established in 2005, Gongyi Guoxin Machinery factory is a professional manufacturer of fruit and vegetable dryer machine in Central China, with a modern complex occupying 5,000 square meters. With the support of dedicated employees and application of over 100 advanced machines, we have built a good reputation in the industry and successfully exported our high efficient dryers to more than 90 countries and regions, including Russia, central Asia, Brazil, the United States, Europe, Middle East and so forth.
Cassava peeling machine is used for washing, peeling and cutting cassavas, potatoes, gingers, apples, pears, onions, potatoes, watermelons, grapefruits, pineapples and other types of fruits and vegetables.
Before peeling, the operator chooses a proper knife for removing pit and set technical parameters on the touchscreen. Various peeling modes are available, such as peeling + single-action, peeling + pit removing + double-action, peeling + pit removing + triple-action, and so forth. While working, the protective liquid is sprayed over fruits, avoiding oxidation.

Cassava Peeling Machine
Cassava peeling machine can cut the potato into stick/strip, slicer, and waving slicer. Slicer thickness can be adjusted from 1mm-10mm.
Cassava peeling machine is whole made of stainless steel, automatic, with high efficiency. Peeling husk around 80%.
Guoxin cassava peeling machine price is much lower than the normal level of cassava peeling machine industry, because of our large production output, mass materials purchasing and mould production. If you want to get a best cassava peeling machine with most favorable price, pls view our website or contact us directly.
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